Bling Ring-er Alexis Neiers Accused Of Stealing $200 From Regular Person

Alexis Neiers -- a suspect in the Bling Ring burgleries that targeted Audrina Patridge and other Hollywood starlets — has been accused of stealing $200 from a nonfamous woman at a nightclub, TMZ reports.

Alexis, who stars on the E! reality series Pretty Wild (that’s her in this Vanity Fair photo at the left), had been co-hosting a party with sister Tess Taylor at the Los Angeles nightclub Primal on Saturday night. Sources tell TMZ she and Tess went to the bathroom several times during the course of the evening and their purses were later searched by security. The findings: a female Primal employee’s ID and $200 in cash, which they returned to “avoid an incident,” TMZ says. No charges were filed.

But! Alexis will be in court this week on Bling Ring-related matters.

Will she get a slap on the wrist — or face severe consequences? Moral of the story: Rob a bunch of innocent people, get your own E! reality series. Yay, America!

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