‘Private Chefs of Beverly Hills’ Looks Scrumptious

Private ChefsEverything has a back story. Food Network’s latest venture in prime time television, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, is a glimpse into the lives of personal chefs working for demanding and wealthy clients in the storied Hills of Beverly, and offers a view of their work in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Each episode features six personal chefs who must rise to the challenges put forth by their rich, outrageous, and often annoying clients. The season premiere features teams of the chefs working for a group of men on a high-class camping trip — or “glamping” as it’s called on the show — a doggy debutante party where the chefs must prepare made-to-order meals for dog owners and dogs alike and, of course, catering a Beverly Hills Botox party where food and physical alterations don’t always mix.

Bryan O’Donnell, executive producer, says he comes from a “food family” and worked on the concept of the show for years. However, Private Chefs was originally slated for a San Francisco setting. Let me tell you, after meeting the chefs, it would have been a completely different show.

Chef Sasha, a vibrant redhead who can cook in stiletto heels, has been in the business of cooking since she was 16 and has a few stories to tell. She claims that a certain Hollywood actor — “You would know him if you live in Los Angeles” — used to “rub his “hard ons” against her back. And another wealthy client she once cooked for made out with her in front of his wife because he “wanted a divorce and it was his way out.” Who was she referring to? A private chef never tells her secrets.

While it’s great to watch the chefs interact with their kooky clients, the behind the scenes banter is the most fun — keep an eye on Chef Jesse, a major cutie and king of the one-liners.

Tom Stieber and David Fischbein, owners of Big City Chefs, the placement agency representing the private chefs featured on the show, say it takes a certain personality to work well in front of the house and back of the house.

Tune in to Food Network on Friday at 10 p.m. ET to see what these chefs are made of.

(Photo via Food Network)

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