Meet The Facebook 5: Stars Of ‘The Social Network’

Facebook already eats up a huge chunk of our lives — and now, as we all know, it’s being made into a movie called The Social Network with Justin Timberlake attached. Timberlake portrays Napster creator Sean Parker in this Aaron Sorkin-penned dramatic history, which tells the story of how wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg and others founded Facebook while students at Harvard, and the office politics that ensued. The movie , based on Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal, will be released Oct. 15.

As much as we love JT, we already know everything about him. But what about the cluster of young unknowns in this film? The ones who will be playing the youngest, richest, luckiest geeks of all time?

Introducing, the Facebook 5:

Jesse Eisenberg
Eisenberg portrays Zuckerberg, and shares that innate nerdiness and good fortune despite said innate nerdiness. You have seen the buzzy 26-year-old actor before in Adventureland (where he romanced Kristen Stewart), Zombieland and The Squid And the Whale. He plays awkward well, evoking a slightly more dreamy Michael Cera. If this Social Network group were The Brat Pack, he’d be Anthony Michael Hall. The Jersey-bred son of a clown-mother and college professor-father, Eisenberg will soon be seen alongside Justin Bartha as an Ecstasy-dealing Orthodox Jew in Holy Rollers, out May 10. As of last May, he was a sixth-year junior majoring in Anthropology at the New School in New York City, riding his bicycle and living with his girlfriend. “I have one female fan,” he told Rolling Stone. “But she lives with me. I’m not aware of any others.” That’s what Zuckerberg said … before he invented Facebook! Zing!

Andrew Garfield
Garfield — born in Los Angeles, raised in England — plays Facebook co-founder and Zuckerberg nemesis Eduardo Saverin, who slapped the CEO with a lawsuit over money and the rights to “founder” status after they drifted apart. But back to Garfield: He is lanky and intense-looking, with a foppish look straight out of an Ivy League underground society. The 26-year-old first gained recognition on stage in his native Britain, and appeared opposite NatPort/ScarJo in the 2008 drama The Other Boleyn Girl. Here’s video of Garfield after winning best actor at the British Academy Television Awards for his role in the TV movie Kid A. He is a Leo, allergic to nuts and word has it was romantically linked to actress Shannon Woodward.

Patrick Mapel
Mapel was picked to play genial, boyish Chris Hughes, the Zuckerberg college roomie-turned-Facebook founder and spokesman who left the company to campaign for Obama. Mapel has, like, no film credits beyond an obscure 2008 drama called The Evening Journey, which, according to IMDB, is the  story about residents of hard-working fishing village. But wait! His mother is none other than Mare Winningham of St. Elmo’s Fire fame; Mapel is one of five children borne of Winningham and her ex-husband William Mapel, a TV tech advisor; Mapel, who was born in 1983, lived through the suicide of older brother, actor Riley Mapel, in 2005. Last year, Mapel popped up on Broadway in an adaptation of the Eugene O’Neill play Mourning Becomes Electra. In the opening-night party photos, he looks the spitting image of Hughes: slight, Waspy and approachable.

Joseph Mazzello
Mazzello — oh, you know him – is That Kid from Jurassic Park! He was also in The River Wild with Meryl Streep, and Radio Flyer alongside Elijah Wood. He’s now 26, with a degree in film from USC, and was cast in The Social Network as Dustin Moskovitz, another guy who was lucky enough to live in the same Harvard dorm room as  Zuckerberg when the seeds of Facebook were planted in 2004.  ”They were in their dorm rooms trying to meet girls, and it became a billion- dollar business,” Mazzello told the British paper The Independent. “The whole thing caused a lot of conflict between the friends and eventual lawsuits.” This past weekend, The Independent ran an unintentionally hilarious profile of Mazzello, pegged to his leading role as a WWII marine in the new Steven Spielberg-produced TV epic The Pacific; interviewer Guy Adams writes breathlessly about how Mazzello disppeared from Hollywood, cast aside like a washed-up loser: “The sensitive and slightly awkward youth, who had walked hand-in-hand with Steven Spielberg up red carpets, suddenly stopped being cast in blockbuster movies; or pretty much any movies, come to that. His intense gaze and gingery brow (both of which are still very much in evidence) vanished from the public arena overnight. And that explains why he now finds himself, at the grand old age of 26, being “sort-of recognised” by members of the public at a Los Angeles luxury hotel.” Geez, Guy, give this Ginger a break! Spielberg certainly did.

Brenda Song
Song’s star keeps rising, and she has been featured in a slew of popular Disney Channel shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, where she played rich girl London Tipton, and original made-for-TV movies such as Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. The 22-year-old California native is fast-becoming a red-carpet fixture, and by all accounts,  will make a cameo in The Social Network as Zuckerberg’s girlfriend Priscilla Chan. They are a cute couple, and Chan reportedly won the Facebook frontman’s heart with a Twizzler. One time, TMZ caught them walking out of Mr. Chow and they got embarrassed. While Song is much more glamorous than Chan, she seems equally down-to-earth: The husky-voiced actress has a black belt in taekwondo, and despite her Disney princess background, once dated rapper Flo Rida. She also successfully won a lawsuit last year after an escort service used her image on an ad in the back of LA Weekly. Song has a bit of a rebel streak; will she balance Eisenberg’s onscreen awkwardness? Certainly. And Chan is the graceful and charming better half of Zuckerberg, who let it be known, is far more reknowned for his ego than his people skills.

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