Mythology Is The New Vampire

Kellan LutzWith Kellan Lutz being cast in the Greek mythology epic War of the Gods, it’s now official: Vampires are over.  The fantasy movie trend has shifted from the undead to the godly with two new mythology-related movies now in the works for 2011, adding to the two releases this year. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, based on a young adult book series about Poseidon’s son, came out in January, and Clash of the Titans, a remake based on the myth of Perseus, hits theaters the first week of April. Even the superhero movies are on trend, with a big-budget version of Marvel’s Thor comics, rooted in Norse mythology, filming right now. With War of the Gods, that makes four mythology movies in a relativity short period of time.

Will audiences bite? (Pun intended. Sorry. We like Dad jokes.) Everyone loves a good epic, so even people who aren’t so into legends will probably see at least one of these movies in the theaters. And maybe it will inspire kids to read more about Greek or Roman mythology (their teachers will be happy!). What about you — will you see a mythology-related movie? Or are you just not interested?

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