Breaking: Jennifer Love Hewitt Is a Serial Dater

Jennifer Love Hewitt went on the Today show this morning to promote her new book, The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I’m a Love-aholic.

Admirably, Hewitt refused to apologize to America for a cardinal J-Love sin: serial dating, Winona Ryder-style, within Hollywood’s rank and file of eligible bachelors (John Mayer), hangers-on (Ross McCall) and L.A. creeps (Jamie Kennedy).

Hewitt said she’d rather jump right into a relationship than juggle dates with different guys on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We kind of agree — dating is exhausting! — but kind of don’t, in Hewitt’s special case.

Five minutes after calling off her engagement to Scottish wannabe actor McCall, J-Love rushed into a serious relationship withGhost Whisperer co-star Kennedy. In between, she Vajazzled for herself — and no one else — to celebrate fleeting singledom. Then she and Kennedy broke up. In five more minutes, she’ll have a new boyfriend; countdown begins NOW.

We think J-Love needs to spend less time wrangling boyfriends — she’s like your friend who makes sure she has a new man before dumping her boyfriend — and MORE time Vajazzling. Which is our new euphemism for “soul-searching.” Slow down, J-Love, and spend time with yourself before you get lost in another ill-timed relationship. In the meantime, we love your new haircut (signal of a new beginning?).

Dear readers, do you agree with us? What’s worse, serial monogamy or commitment-phobia? What Vajazzle design should J-Love get next?

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