Star Lookalikes: When Celebs Grow Up

Celebrity doppelgangers aren’t just for your Facebook profile. Have you ever noticed that a lot of famous people look exactly like other famous people? (And we’re not just talking about Ashley and Mary-Kate.) You’re not alone. We’ve compiled a few recent examples of the most egregious cases of celeb deja vu:

This week’s star lookalikes have us peering into the future.

With their spiky hair, mischevous smiles, and the ability to make teenage girls faint at the slightest glance, we think Zac Efron and Rob Lowe could be related. (17 Again producers, how did you not see this?)

Mac Guy Justin Long‘s floppy hair and ear-to-ear grin remind us of Meet the Press moderator David Gregory. We’re sure Justin will look as dignified when he goes grey, too.

Our future celeb lookalike projections aren’t just relegated to men: blonde bombshells have star clones too. We think Blake Lively will look just as foxy as Ellen Barkin when she grows up (squinty sex kitten pose, pursed lips and all). Plus, the two ladies have both been known to rock a plunging V from time to time.

Joshua Jackson reminds us of a non-gap-toothed version of late night king David Letterman. No, really — just look at their smiles. It’s there.


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