Video Of The Day: Hot Dude Sings TV Theme Songs

FreddeMultiple choice quiz: Why do we love this video of an adorable Swedish guy named Fredrik singing a medley of TV show theme songs so, so much?

a) Because sometimes we spontaneously break out into TV theme singalongs in the Crushable office (Seriously. We do.)

b) Because he is dreamy

c) Because his voice is amazing, and his arrangements and harmonies are the best

d) Because there are TWO OF HIM (Which one’s cuter? Black polo or white tee? DILEMMA!)

It was a trick question. The answer is e) All of the above. Our favorite parts: when he whistles the X-Files song, when he goes really low in the True Blood song, and when he segues from True Blood into Charles in Charge. You have to watch this video, it’s pretty much the best. And Fredrik doesn’t even lose any points for starting with Two and a Half Men.

Excuse us while we go watch the rest of the videos on FreddeGredde’s website.

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