Lea Michele’s Diva Behavior Continues On ‘Glee’

Lea MicheleWhen a Crushable spy ran into Lea Michele at an East Village bar a few weeks ago, she got an eyeful of Lea sucking face with her boyfriend, along with an earful of Lea’s snippy tongue. When our source and her friends — in town from Sydney — tried to strike up a conversation with the Glee sweetheart, Lea said she had just returned from Australia but said she preferred Melbourne better. The group may not have been quite so offended by Lea’s put-down of their hometown if they didn’t have to deal with her make-out session in the cramped space.

Encounters like this one are not uncommon New York. Still! We had to wonder, was Lea simply not in the mood to talk to strangers — or is this an example of the way the 23-year-old actress treats people in general?

Turns out, it may point to a larger pattern of diva behavior. Several sources tell Crushable that Lea – who began her Broadway career in Les Miserables as a young girl before  having her breakout stage moment in Spring Awakening at age 20 — has been difficult to work with for years. We hear she’s carried her antics over to the Glee set as well, and that she’s just as high-maintenance as her character is on the show. (In her acclaimed role as Rachel Berry, Lea walks the line between lovable and barely tolerable, but no one can deny her talent.)

Representatives for the star did not return calls and emails requesting comment.

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

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    • MissSoph97

      i just love lea michelle she is a great singer and actress and im a proud gleek :)

    • chelsea21st

      Are you kidding me? – Your friends were “offended,” felt “put down” and mistreated simply because Michele said she preferred Melbourne to Sidney?! LOL

    • Mezza


      This is yet again a report exploded ffrom petty insecure fans who feel the need to taint someone’s name over silly things like that. I wonder who these sources are….