Stars On The Spot: Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Edition

Rob ThomasCarole King, Iggy Pop, Phil Collins, Billy Joe Armstrong and Rob Thomas were among the stars at last night’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony — where they spoke off the cuff about living healthy, doing drugs and their musical inspirations. Here are some choice quotes from the night:

Carole King

“By the way, you can print, I’m 68…My secret is probably that I’ve lived in Idaho for the past 30 years.”

Chris Isaak:

“People wouldn’t look at me and say I’m an ABBA fan. But I love ABBA.”

Benny Andersson from ABBA:

“We had some nice costumes in the ’70s, and we had this image and we were sort of foreigners. But somehow the record still stayed alive. So people tend to forget this.”

Rob Thomas

“Genesis was the first band that I’ve ever seen live. I went and saw them on the Invisible Touch tour. I’m 38, so I guess that would be right around the time that my mom would let me go. I think it was the first time I smoked a joint, too, so it all kind of worked together.”

Billie Joe Armstrong talking about influence punk band, and Hall of Fame inductees, The Stooges:

“The Stooges never gave us organization skills, I’ll tell you that.”

Phil Collins, when asked why Peter Gabriel wasn’t there:

“Is he not here?…He’s not here because he’s busy.”

David Geffen:

“I have no talent except to enjoy and recognize it in others.”

Iggy Pop:

“I told [the Hall of Fame] where to buy all the stuff that I sold for drugs in the ’70s.”

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