Dumbest Cat Or Cutest Cat?

BabyLast week, I posted a video of my cat drinking water. I thought, ‘She’s cute, and she drinks water in this silly way, maybe people would enjoy watching it.’ Well, I was right.

In the week since I posted the video, it has been viewed almost 700,000 times and has received more than 3,700 comments. Most of the comments are chastising me for naming the video “How the Dumbest Cat in the World Drinks Water.” I have to admit, my kitty Baby is probably not the dumbest cat in all the land, but if you got to know her, you would see that she’s not much smarter than catnip. And don’t worry, she’s not being abused. Also, yes, this is the way she always drinks, no matter what she’s drinking out of, whether its her bowl, the toilet, the swimming pool or a puddle (I told you, she’s not the smartest cat.)

I’ve also learned that there is nothing novel about the way she drinks. Turns out lots of cats do this, so she’s not so special. But whether she is, in real life, brilliant or stupid, one thing is for sure: Baby’s cute and the Internet loves her. That makes her special, no matter what anyone says.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, you’re missing out. Check it out:

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

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