Jeremy Renner + Jessica Simpson = It Works

Jeremy Renner is finally getting some recognition — and an Oscar nomination — for his breakout performance in The Hurt Locker. And now that he’s broken up with his lookalike girlfriend Jes Macallan, he’s on the prowl and flirting with Jessica Simpson.

In an interview I did with Jeremy several months ago, he gushed for what seemed like a good five minutes about Macallan, an aspiring actress (“she’s like me with boobs,” he said).

Fast-forward several days until to the Oscars, and Jeremy is a single man (and hot commodity). If he’s looking for another relationship, Jessica  just might be the girl: She is blonde, and he seems to prefer blondes. She is a strong-willed first-born, and so is he. And from a cynical PR standpoint, dating someone more famous than he is (that would be Jessica) is not a bad idea in order to keep his name in the spotlight;  if they click romantically, hey, even better. (Apologies, Conan, I’ll stop being so cynical now.)

So yes: Jeremy and Jessica should get together. It would be a win-win situation. As my colleague said today, “I feel bad for her.” There ‘s Jessica — publicly humiliated by John Mayer, unfairly slammed for her so-called weight issues, managed by an infamous stage dad — and there’s Jeremy, who might just be the real man she needs in her life.

And while Jessica has a history of changing her looks for a guy (aka, dyeing her hair brown in her Mayer days), she wouldn’t need to alter a thing for Jeremy. They look like brother and sister — or he looks like he could be Papa Joe’s studlier younger brother.

Ew, I know. But can’t you see it?

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