‘Idol’ Should Draw On Celebs With Diabetes

Nick JonasThe revelation last night that American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox has diabetes gave us an idea: the show should use her illness to raise awareness of diabetes in the U.S. The show didn’t mention the disease, although Crystal briefly mentioned it on her Facebook page. Why should the show be so mum on the matter — especially when Idol is known form being interested in causes with its big ‘Idols Give Back’ specials.

In case you were wondering, there are plenty of celebrities that also suffer from Type 1 diabetes (the kind we assume Crystal has because it affects young people) that can join in the cause. Even a former American Idol contestant — Elliott Yamin — suffers from the disease.

Here’s a look at some celebs with diabetes:

(Photos by WENN.com and Getty)

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    • crv

      Americas Idol Crystal Bowersox should keep her medical busniess to herself. You know how you americans are… You would be saying she is using her medical condition to get votes. Trust me… Crystal should invest in an insulin pump and stay on top of her diabetes.

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