• Thu, Mar 4 2010

25 Crushable Guys Under 25 – 2010

Zac Efron

Zac Efron, 22
Although Zac peaked early in life with High School Musical, he still has a pretty promising career ahead of him. Kidding! Let’s face it: with these blue eyes, shaggy hair and killer voice, this guy can do no wrong. It’s just unfair to everyone else in Hollywood.

(Photo via Details)

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  • ese

    abeg hook me up

  • chocky

    Robert pattinson is realy the cuttest of them all.I love him

    • katie

      ew no

  • nemesis

    really chocky?? CUTTEST?? i wish he would be…
    Aaron Johnson look much better and handsome than some robert pattinson or even taylor lautner.

  • Hunni

    and where was Alex Gaskarth?? He is way hotter than all these guys. ;D

  • Yvonne

    He’s not 22 yet…he will be in July…but actually i don’t really care anymore…lol

  • Ruby

    I dont like all these conceded hollywood ppl :P Most of them r from disney. ANDY SIX !! Is the hottest guy in existence ok?i think most of us can agree with that:)

  • A.

    Bill Kaulitz (from German rock band Tokio Hotel) is hotter than any of the guys you mentioned on this list. The Jonas brothers are not sexy- white guys with afros just don’t do it for me.

  • i love drake

    yay i was so happy to see my sexy man drake on here…and seventeen its not aka Aubrey Graham drake is his middle name but also his music name get it right!

  • Katie


    • kati

      because hes ugly duh!!!!!!!!!!! :X

  • Fatima

    Harry Potter is The best

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  • Isla

    Harry potter’s great. I love hm.