• Thu, Mar 4 2010

25 Crushable Guys Under 25 – 2010

UPDATE: 2010 is so two years ago! Check out our most recent list and see who you should be crushing on this year!

What does it mean to be “Crushable”? We’ll be looking to these guys, who we’ve deemed the MOST crushable young men making their mark on Hollywood and beyond, the set the bar high for those who come into fame after them.

We’ve watched many of them mature from Disney darlings into grown men with pecs and — gasp! — facial hair (we’re looking at you, Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu). Others, like Taylor Lautner and Aaron Johnson, are still baby-faced, but their upcoming work this year (and their recently revealed six packs) will shoot them into sex symbol status before year’s end.

Some of the names and faces on this list might be unfamiliar to you, but trust us, by this time next year, you will be more than familiar with quite a few of these cuties — and probably have crushes on them, too. If you don’t already.

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  • ese

    abeg hook me up

  • chocky

    Robert pattinson is realy the cuttest of them all.I love him

    • katie

      ew no

  • nemesis

    really chocky?? CUTTEST?? i wish he would be…
    Aaron Johnson look much better and handsome than some robert pattinson or even taylor lautner.

  • Hunni

    and where was Alex Gaskarth?? He is way hotter than all these guys. ;D

  • Yvonne

    He’s not 22 yet…he will be in July…but actually i don’t really care anymore…lol

  • Ruby

    I dont like all these conceded hollywood ppl :P Most of them r from disney. ANDY SIX !! Is the hottest guy in existence ok?i think most of us can agree with that:)

  • A.

    Bill Kaulitz (from German rock band Tokio Hotel) is hotter than any of the guys you mentioned on this list. The Jonas brothers are not sexy- white guys with afros just don’t do it for me.

  • i love drake

    yay i was so happy to see my sexy man drake on here…and seventeen its not aka Aubrey Graham drake is his middle name but also his music name get it right!

  • Katie


    • kati

      because hes ugly duh!!!!!!!!!!! :X

  • Fatima

    Harry Potter is The best

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  • Isla

    Harry potter’s great. I love hm.