5 Reasons Why We Should Leave Shiloh Alone

Life & StyleBy now you’ve seen the Life & Style cover that, horror-stricken, asks “Why is Angelina turning Shiloh into A BOY?” (If not, uh, it’s directly to your left.) We’ve been discussing the obsession with the Jolie-Pitt kids all morning, and we’ve finally had time to digest everything that’s so utterly messed-up about the ongoing controversy over little Shiloh and her short hair. Here’s why everyone should just leave Shiloh the eff alone (and if we had time to make a crying Chris Crocker-style video about this, we might’ve):

1. She’s a child. Do we really need to elaborate on this point?

2. It’s creepy. Obsessing about the wardrobe of a small child you are in no way related to or acquainted with is disturbing.

3. Her hair looks cute. And it’s not like she’s the first toddler to get a short haircut.

4. She can wear whatever she wants. A 3-year-old doesn’t have an identity yet. She’s figuring out what she likes and what she wants to wear. And frankly, the gendered notion that good little girls should only wear dresses is offensive.

5. Did we mention she’s 3 years old?

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    • ahdapook

      agreed! i like that one of the headlines is “is it harming the 3-year-old?” when this coverage must be worse!

    • mjness13

      Yeah, a lot of little kids have short hair. I don’t understand what the big deal is. Since when is that dressing like a boy? Her style girls also can wear. There is no law saying all little girls must wear frilly dresses.

    • Zoubies

      Maybe Shiloh was a boy all along and they had been falsely dressing her as a girl!! Chew on THAT Life & Style. This deserves some serious thought, as do all of their well-investigated story-lines….