‘Bring It On’ Musical: Don’t Screw It Up

Bring It On

Did you hear that Bring It On is heading to Broadway?

Bring it on.

Translating the campy-fun cheerocracy to the stage is something we can get behind — if it’s handled right. There have been a slew of announcements in the past few years about intrepid producers attempting to transform film favorites into Broadway-bound musicals (looks like the whole “remake” trend isn’t isolated to Hollywood). Clueless, Heathers, Teen Witch and The Notebook are all rumored to be on their way to the stage. Plenty have made it there already — Legally Blonde, Shrek, and Billy Elliot, to name a few recent examples.

Since the beloved Bring It On is one of our favorite movies — we’re convinced Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union gave the best performances of their careers as the ditzy head cheerleader with a heart of gold and her tough inner city rival, respectively — we’re a little touchy that a musical version could put the “whore” in horrible. (Though it does seem perfect for adaptation, considering all of the complicated cheer choreography.)

The Bring It On musical is set to debut in Atlanta next season, reports Variety, and In The HeightsLin-Manuel Miranda and Next To Normal‘s Tom Kitt are behind it. Just as long as Sparky Polastri doesn’t handle the choreography, we’ll remain optimistic.

Would you see a Bring It On musical?

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