Jay Baruchel Poses To Promote New Movie

Jay Baruchel

Jay BaruchelJay Baruchel was at Blake’s Bar in Berkeley, Calif. yesterday to promote his upcoming movie, She’s Out Of My League, with costar Nate Torrence. We haven’t decided whether we’ll see the flick in theaters or wait until its out on DVD but Jay’s not winning us over with his current look. He’s not taking our advice to stay clean shaven: Jay was sporting a pretty scruffy mountain man-esque beard that, while it looks well-trimmed, makes it seem as though he couldn’t be bothered to shave for a few days.

Regardless, what do you think about She’s Out Of My League, in which Jay plays a dorky TSA agent who gets asked out by a hottie whose iPhone he finds? Are you going to see it in theaters, Netflix it, or go see Avatar for the 100th time instead? Check out the trailer below.

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