Get Inspired…By Mena Suvari’s Crazy Hair

Mena SuvariNew York Fashion Week came and went in a champagne-fueled adrenaline rush but several images burned into my memory: Mena Suvari‘s crazy-ass hair.

Suvari, who sorta-kinda fell off the map, resurfaced in the Bryant Park tents wearing the most insane hodgepodge of hairstyles; from a Geisha-inspired bun to a Snooki-esque poof, she had a different do’ for every show.

My first reaction: Ahahahahahahahahahahaha.

My second reaction: I need to try this.

So I went to my hairstylist Rachel Banks at The Parlour in Manhattan’s East Village, and she worked her special brand of hair magic.

Here are the results:

(Photo by WENN)

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    • randomklee

      This is hilarious. Please tell me you hit the streets in one of these looks.

    • mollydimick

      Erin, this is HI-larious! Rachel’s awesome–I actually used to go to her!

    • Chicagoborn

      This is Great!! I think something similar needs to be done with other stars!!! Love the poses!