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Daniel MerriweatherWelcome to Crush This, your weekly guide to what’s new in movies, music, TV, and DVD. We’ve navigated the upcoming release calendars in search of all the pop culture landscape has to offer. On deck this week are Daniel Merriweather‘s album Love & War, The September Issue on DVD, Olympic figure skating, and the new police comedy, Cop Out.


Daniel Merriweather‘s Love & War finally gets a Stateside release on Tuesday. You might recognize the soulful Aussie from Mark Ronson’s “Stop Me,” a cover of The Smiths’ song “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before” that appeared on Mark’s album, Version. Several famous faces appear on Love & War, which was produced by Mark, including last year’s Best New Artist Grammy winner Adele, rapper Wale, and Sean Lennon.


You could opt for Cop Out, the Tracy Morgan/Bruce Willis buddy cop movie formerly titled A Couple of Dicks. The hilarity of the red band trailer made up for the so-so jokes in the first one — it more accurately portrays director Kevin Smith’s raunchy sense of humor. Bonus: The O.C.‘s Adam Brody is in it!

Other options: You could see The Crazies. Because it’s called The Crazies. We’re not exactly sure what it’s about. Do you really care, though?


If keeping up with the Olympics isn’t your thing, BBC America will begin airing the second season of the critically acclaimed British comedy The Inbetweeners, about the pains of teenage life, on Wednesday. Ah, the awkwardness of adolescence — we can all relate.

If keeping up with the Olympics is your thing, the ladies’ figure skating medals will be handed out on Thursday night. Highlights for the rest of the week include various ski events. (Do you know how many ski events there are? A lot. More than we ever knew existed.)


We loved The September Issue when it was in theaters, so we’re glad it’s finally getting a DVD release tomorrow. The documentary follows Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and creative director Grace Coddington as they prepare the mammoth September 2007 fashion issue. We want to take the day off to watch The September Issue on continuous loop, if only to re-watch Grace steal the show and Anna in her icy element.

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