Crush Links: Jillian Michaels, Served

Jillian Michaels has been sued for the third time over her line of fat burning pills — but this time, there are allegations they contain a “potentially lethal” blend of ingredients. In the class action lawsuit, Kathy Hensley claims the Biggest Loser trainer “sold her proverbial soul to the devil” by teaming up with the companies that created her fat burner. (TMZ)

Just a week after celebrating Jennifer Aniston’s birthday with her friends in Mexico, Gerard Butler was pictured flirting with a string of gorgeous women at Rio de Janeiro’s famed winter Carnival. (Page Six)

Despite reported attempts to reconcile their marriage, Tiger Woods’ wife Elin isn’t ready to give in yet. In fact, she doesn’t even want to live with him. Says an inside source, “Tiger wants her to move back home with him but so far she has said no. She’s not ready and she just doesn’t trust him.” (Perez Hilton)

Paris Hilton is not invited to Nicole Richie’s wedding. (Popeater)

Jessica Simpson says, “I definitely will marry an artistic man. It will show you the colors of my character, the person that I fall in love with next. I don’t even have a type! I don’t have a physical type. I have an emotional type. When you have yourself together, I don’t care what you look like at all. You can be tall; you can be short.”  (Allure)

Brittany Murphy’s father claims he was turned away from the cemetery where his daughter is buried — after he asked officials to point him in the direction of the star’s final resting place. (TMZ)

Pete Wentz wore a straightjacket to New York Fashion Week. (Dlisted).

“I’m really maternal,” says Megan Fox. “I worry that because I’ve always wanted [kids] so much, as the world goes sometimes, I won’t be able to have them, even though I would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment. … And you know, the people who hate kids and don’t want kids always end up having 50 of them. (W magazine)

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