‘Cutting Edge 4′: Hey, Why Not?

The Cutting Edge 4Attention pairs figure skating aficionados who are kinda bummed that the Vancouver Olympic medals have already been handed out (there must be some of you out there): ABC Family will air the third unnecessary sequel in the Cutting Edge franchise next month, entitled The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice. This one is already shaping up to be better than the two previous superfluous installments (though obviously not better than the original) simply because it contains an ice-related pun. Also because it means Brendan Fehr formerly of Roswell is employed.

Puns and a WB drama vet? Clearly we’ll be watching. Here’s the plot lowdown: Francia Raisa (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) plays a figure skater looking for a new partner, which she presumably will find in Brendan’s “smoldering bad boy of speed skating” James McKinsey. Hopefully the romance element is played down because Francia is 11 years younger than Brendan in real life and that’s still a little icky since she’s just barely out of her teens.

In honor of the made-for-TV movie, which airs on March 14, we’ve brainstormed several alternate titles for the third sequel. Feel free to add your own suggestions/cold weather-related puns in the comments. And ABC Family, if you’re reading, feel free to co-opt one of these for the inevitable Cutting Edge 5.

The Cutting Edge: Hey, You People Keep Watching These Things
The Cutting Edge: Toe Pick
The Cutting Edge: I’m Getting Too Old For This
The Cutting Edge: Capitalizing on the Winter Olympics
The Cutting Edge: Because You Weren’t Born When the First One Came Out
The Cutting Edge: Cold as Ice
The Cutting Edge: Snow Worries
The Cutting Edge: The Big Chill
The Cutting Edge: Eh, Why Not?

(Photo by ABC Family/Philippe Bosse)

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    • dina

      i love watching movie about skating. amazing movie….

    • princess

      i am so it to skating..n this is a great movie