“Unrequited” – Bec Plath

Sometimes the best things come in the simplest packages. I must admit, the rather amateurish cover of Bec Plath’s EP Unrequited didn’t grab me when it arrived on my desk. But then I put it in my stereo, and instantly I was hooked.

Just like the cover, this music isn’t polished by a studio, which is exactly why it’s so compelling. As an independent artist, Bec Plath can express herself freely, wearing her heart on her sleeve and writing songs that are intensely raw. The result is an eclectic mix, and one that leaves me wanting more.

“Polka Dots” has a playful jazz piano feel which calls to mind Regina Spektor or Tori Amos. The title track which follows is much angrier, a big tune that wouldn’t sound out of place on Pat Benatar or Heart album. Those influences are there, but it never sounds like Bec is trying to be anyone else. Instead she easily inhabits the space vacated by strong female singers that came before.

Unrequited hit me in a deeply personal way. It’s that sort of rare CD which you don’t just happily sing along to, you feel. Bec Plath has a very beautiful gift, and I’m thrilled she shared it with me.

Image source: iTunes

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