‘The Buried Life’ Guys Krump for Tommy the Clown

Anyone who follows the krump craze knows that Tommy the Clown was responsible for getting the krump contests started. He still works to help kids get into the krump world and out of the gangs. One of his original krump stars was Lil C, the choreographer we all know and love from So You Think You Can Dance. So Tommy the Clown’s krump contests have the most clout in the krump world.

The Buried life is an MTV series where a group of young guys made a list of all the things they want to do before they die. Each week, we follow them as they attempt to cross another item off their list. This week, the guys want to go to South Central LA to cross off list item number 33 – Compete in a Krump Competition and the competition is fierce. They also befriend a former gang member and help get his rap song onto a popular LA radio station.

Here’s a clip that shows the guys being introduced by Tommy the Clown, and the crowds are not exactly welcoming:

The Buried Life airs Monday nights at 10PM on MTV.

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