Suri Eats Snow and Plays with Makeup

More cute Suri Cruise pictures for you to enjoy today! We saw pictures of Suri enjoying the New York snow yesterday and she was so cute. I have some pictures to share with you of her eating the snow as it’s falling from the sky. She looks like she is having the time of her life. And I love Katie’s smile in this picture.

After playing in the snow, Katie and Suri headed indoors to Sephora where Suri seemed absolutely enthralled with thee lips gloss.

Enjoy some more pictures!

Image Credit: Fame Pictures

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    • Charlotte Rose

      Thats what I was hoping too annie, but that’s not what happened. I think it was Access Hollywood who had a video. They walked a few blocks with the open thin coat and the little thin dress. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the logic behind doing something like that. It makes no sense to me.

    • http://tomkat samantha

      she looks like bonnie from gone with the wind! so cute!

    • Sarah

      The Scientology Web site clearly states that illnesses do not occur unless the person is “in a state of PTS (Potential Trouble Source),” which means that being chilly and/or wet won’t cause illness unless the individual has already been weakened by a Potential Trouble Source. Maybe Katie figures that since Suri is always surrounded by Scientologists (I absolutely think that the ever-present servants are Scientologists), the child won’t get sick. I’m not defending or condemning the religion – just stating what its main Web site states.

      At first I found the pictures of Suri getting wet a bit strange, but then I thought, hey, many kids play in the snow and get wet and cold. Maybe Katie wants her to have that experience before they’re off to warmer climates. Personally, I found these pictures far less disturbing than the pictures and videos where Katie has her hands free (and sometimes isn’t even with Suri) but a servant is holding an umbrella over her head while she runs errands – or is carrying her purse. And I’m calling them “servants” because real bodyguards don’t carry anything even for the President; they have to have their hands free at all times in case something happens.

    • Sarah

      I must applaud Katie for never being seen in fur. Obviously, she has the money to buy it. And I’m sure designers send her stuff (maybe including fur) for free all the time. But even as much as Katie and her daughter are followed by people with cameras, I have never seen either of them in fur. Kudos to her for not participating in the cruelty that is the fur trade!

    • KatMaria

      you don’t get pneumonia from being cold. it’s caused by bacteria.

      Suri seems like she is happy, she doesn’t look like she is freezing. i am sure she’d say something if she were cold.

    • KatMaria

      you don’t get pneumonia from being cold. it’s cause by bacteria.

      Suri seems happy. i am sure she’d say something if she were cold.

    • annie

      I did see a pic where Suri was taking her coat off in the shop, really I can’t imagine if she was cold, she would take it off. In the photo she was walking around with a small shopping basket over her shoulder , bet she filled it up with lip glosses, I find her an incredibly cute little girl.
      I’m very tolerant of peoples beliefs, and have always thought that as long as you are a good person, it really doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, but that doesn’t stop me from having an opinion, and that is, some of the Scie ideas are slightly…weird.

    • starkist

      There is a really great picture of Katie and Tom on people’s website under 10 ways stars stars say “I Love You”. Katie looks absolutely beautiful! I’m not sure where the pic was taken because I don’t remember ever seeing it but maybe some of you will. The picture is really sweet because Tom is giving her a kiss on the cheek and she is smiling.

    • starkist

      I have to comment on the whole sickness thing since I’m a nurse. You don’t get sick from cold weather….however you are more likely to get sick when it’s cold out because……….1.) Cold weather makes your mucouse membranes run (runny nose) which in return captures bacteria. 2.) Since cold air is less humid viruses tend to hang out longer in the air during the winter months.
      I just thought I would share this tid bit of medical info!

    • annie

      Does anybody know if Katie has a showing of her fashion line and when?

    • Priscila

      Katie Holmes Presents Holmes & Yang Line

      With a very well-behaved Suri Cruise on her lap, Katie Holmes, along with her stylist-design partner Jeanne Yang, discussed their Holmes & Yang sophomore collection, offering Holmes’ love of dance as a reference point for the clothes. “We were inspired by the colors of a traditional ballet” — the lineup is all creams and black and pale, pale pinks — “and the lives of all our friends,” she said, pointing to a series of easy silk blouses and shirtdresses, leather jackets and a few sexier lace frocks. Those friends may include Victoria Beckham, but both Holmes and Yang insist their collection, which includes children’s clothing, is meant for a range of body types (though perhaps not bank accounts — a snug nude-colored suede motorcycle jacket has a suggested retail price of $3,688; if you want a Suri-approved crepe de chine number for your little one, be prepared to spend about $500 and up).

      “The clothes are romantic but also tough, because we wanted to give a wardrobe to that smart, strong woman,” Holmes said. Yang added the price points are a direct result of the pair’s commitment to producing in New York’s garment district as well as to luxury materials. “We’re not making fussy clothes, but we’re fussy about the details,” she said. The fabrics are indeed lovely: crepe de chine, Chantilly lace and silk jacquard, finished with such details as grosgrain piping and silk-covered buttons. And while Holmes noted the pair is open to more retail outlets — currently the line is available exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles — their focus is growing the line with an eye on quality, not trends. “I’ve gained an appreciation for the craftsmanship, what goes into making a piece,” Holmes said. And in keeping things family and friends oriented, Holmes’ mother, a knitter, does the chic alpaca beanies the pair is going to introduce.

    • annie

      There is a video on you tube.. . It shows Katie at the Hermes store , walking in, wearing the long coat, and just browsing without the coat , in her white shirt. She looks gorgeous, big lovely eyes!

    • kit

      What fashion line Annie?

      You don’t think they would have shown it, if they had one?

      They’re supposedly selling clothes in the $3,000 range for “strong and smart women.” Katie always sounds awkward when being interviewed, but if she ever wants to be taken seriously as a businesswoman, she should try a little harder.

      The reason they’re so costly, according to Yang, is that they use only the finest material. What a crock.

      After reading your last comment about the Hermes video, I suspect it’s all about her looks for you? What about a little substance?

    • Zigzag

      Yay for Katie SMILING not smirking. Love it.

    • annie

      Kit , just because you think Katie didn’t say it right, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have substance. There are some nice piecs in Holmes /Yang,and some not so nice,especially the shapeless nightie dress, don’t care much for it on Suri either. Obviously the line is catered for people with a lot of money.
      I think she might have to prove herself a bit harder, and yes ,I do honestly believe that her line will be succesful or not, depending on how she looks,whether she realises this or not, because Katie is going to be judged on herself, and therefore taken seriously or not.
      What I cringed a bit about the interview was about the attention to detail bit ,and that’s not how Katie comes across,but maybe Yang can take care of that department . Hope she is given a fair go, but at the same time I hope she takes a few pointers from Victoria Beckam and Gwen Steffani, they have fashion lines, they’re business women, and promote their fashion lines well.
      Considering some things that I have written over time , you probably think I’m low on substance as well.