Suri Cruise Gives the Cameras a Wink

Well, maybe not a wink! It actually looks like Suri Cruise is squinting from the sun as she and Katie Holmes leave their apartment in New York City on February 12th. The photogs want to think she was winking at them. What do you think?

I don’t know. Maybe she is winking! Whatever she is doing, these newest pictures of her are as cute as ever. I have no idea why Katie and Suri are in New York or how long they plan on being there.

Tom is so busy with his movie in Malibu that I guess the couple didn’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together. I imagine that if they celebrate the holiday, Katie received a special gift of some sort.

Enjoy some more very cute pictures of Suri Cruise in New York City.

Image Credit: INF

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    • bambi

      Suri is so cute. I’m glad that she’s been wearing her hair pulled back lately so that we can se her beautiful face. Katie has not been seen in NYC since Thursday or Friday, so it’s possible that she was home in L.A. with her hubby on Valentine’s Day.

    • dido

      ı all agree with bambi, ı think the same

    • Lauren

      She looks so much like Tom in these pictures.