Sterling Knight & Brandon Smith’s Radio Disney Takeover

The stars of the Disney Channel Original Movie “StarStruck” are gearing up for the premiere of the movie on February 14th, Valentine’s night. Sterling Knight visited Brandon Smith and Ernie D. during a Radio Disney takeover to talk about the movie.

Danielle Campbell and Maggie Castle, who play the sisters in the movie, also took over Radio Disney the other day.You can see their interview below, as well as the synopsis of the movie. Are you getting excited?

Filmed at landmark locations in the Los Angeles area including Malibu and Venice beach, Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood, the story begins as Jessica Olson and her family prepare for a trip to Los Angeles to visit her grandmother.   Eldest sister Sara is obsessed with pop singing sensation Christopher Wilde and is hoping to somehow catch a glimpse of him in L.A., but Jessica is more interested in seeing the city’s sights.

Meanwhile, a top Hollywood director is vying for Christopher to star in his next film but first must convince the producers that Christopher, who is a magnet for the media, has the right image for the movie.  To help the cause, the director asks Christopher to stay out of the gossip pages for awhile.
Soon after the Olsons arrive in Los Angeles, Sara learns that Christopher will be singing at Club Under 21 so she convinces Jessica to stake it out with her.  Eventually, Jessica meets Christopher the hard way, via a stage door accident that leaves her with a bruised head and Hollywood’s hottest pop star rushing her to the hospital.

The next day, Jessica feels as if she’s somehow smack in the middle of the kind of stuff that only ever happens in movies, but agrees when a smitten Christopher offers to be her personal tour guide, taking her on an exciting journey to popular Los Angeles tourist spots.  Amidst the fun, Christopher realizes that for the first time in a long time, he can relax and just be himself.  Jessica keeps Christopher’s ego in check but as the days goes by, she gets to know the real person behind the pop star and is surprised to find herself enjoying his company.  His best friend since childhood, Stubby, also chimes in to keep his friend’s head from getting too big.

Although he has a girlfriend in up and coming starlet Alexis Bender, Christopher feels a connection to Jessica.  He asks that she keep their adventure together a secret, fearing any story about them in the gossip press might ruin his chances of being in the movie.   When pictures surface of them together, Christopher publicly denies their friendship and must now decide what’s more important – being true to himself or becoming a movie star.

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