Shear Genius Recap: Fried Hair & Other Menu Items

[Bravo Photos: Kevin Lynch / © 2010 NBC Universal, Inc.]

[Bravo Photo: Kevin Lynch / © 2010 NBC Universal, Inc.]

This week on Shear Genius, before the Short Cut Challenge began, Giacomo announced that he wanted to withdraw from the competition. So he left the show. I feel this is a very bad thing for someone to do, since hundreds of other people wanted that spot in the cast. After only one episode, leaving is just so unfair to the people who would have stayed and tried to win. [Just my opinion.]

The Short Cut Challenge consisted of the stylists working with a woman with totally fried blonde hair and trying to make it healthy again. Adee immediately panicked, since he is used to having a color assistant and not doing the color himself. And with the Master Colorist, Kim Vo as the challenge judge, the pressure was on.

Then, Adee did a very dumb thing. He chose his model with his pants, rather than his logic. The model he chose was probably the toughest one, since she had the most hair to work with, but he said he fancied her. Then, he covered her head with piles of foil and had Kim Vo worried for her.

Brig fooled Matthew into taking the model with the “melted” hair, but he made her look great anyway. Her plan backfired, but she showed herself to be devious.

[Bravo Photo: Kevin Lynch / © 2010 NBC Universal, Inc.]

Brian not only did a bad color job, but he got bleach in the model’s eye!! OUCH!!

Kim said that the worst results were those of Adee, April & Brian. The best were Jon, Matthew & Janine. But the winner was Matthew. He was given an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

It turned out that the Elimination Challenge was to style a restaurant server’s hair to represent one of the new menu items that evening. There were some incredibly cool styles and some real flops. The judges, including guest judge Joel Warren, thought the best were Jon, Matthew & Brian. They declared Jon the challenge winner.

The worst three were the styles of Arzo, Brig & Amy. Arzo was the one the judges decided to send home.

What did you think of this week’s challenges? And how do you feel about Giacomo quitting? I’d like to hear what you have to say!

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