Project Runway Recap: The Women in Red

[Photos Credit: Barbara Nitke, Lifetime Television, 2009]

This week’s episode of Project Runway focused on women and heart disease. The designers were assigned a woman who had experienced heart issues to work with. They were to design a look for a fashion week gala for the women that used red fabric and the sponsor, Campbell’s soup, provided some signature fabrics for them to use.

[Photo: © Lifetime Television, 2010]

The women were very inspiring and it was clear that the designers were moved by the experiences the women had been trough. Most of the dresses they created were amazing, but a couple of them did not impress the judges at all.

The judges told the designers that the garments of Mila, Amy & Maya. They said the worst designs were those of Jesus, Anna & Jesse. After deliberating, the judges named Amy the winner and told Jesus that he was eliminated.

It’s too bad that the judges hated all of his designs. I actually thought most of them were nice. But they were right about the red dress. It just wasn’t the best.

I don’t like to just plain trash anyone, but I have to say that I thought the worst dress of all was Anna’s dress. I’m shocked that she didn’t get eliminated for it.

Do you think Jesus was the right person to be eliminated? Do you think someone else should have gone home? Let us know what you think!

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