One Life To Live Spoilers: February 15 – 19

one-life-to-live-soaps-spoilers One Life To Live Spoilers, week of Feb 15th to 19th

Gigi and Sierra Rose are in danger.

John & Natalie plus Marty is never a good combination, heh.

Jessica’s memory is busted. Ouch!

The Mitch-danger effect lands on Dorian’s girls.

Dorian also has to deal with Viki. O Ow.

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Gigi and Sierra Rose (lovely name by the way) totally fall in on the icy lake. Either Rex, Schuyler or Fish, who all showed up at the same time where Gigi is, will dive into the lake to rescue Gigi and the newborn. And then, Gigi finds out that Schuyler is Sierra’s Daddy. Well, actually, it’s Fish but Schuyler doesn’t know that yet.

Marty busted John and Natalie kissing at the cabin. To save John, Natalie will convince John to tell Marty he was only kissing her because she thought she’s Jared. Will Marty believe it?

Jessica doesn’t remember Brody and her daughter Bree. She remembers Viki, Clint and Marty though. Jessica;s memory is stuck in her highschool years. Does this mean Jessica will be looking for Christian soon? Ooohhhh…

Dorian frantically calls Kelly to let her know about Mitch. Kelly will need David’s help to search for Adrianna who happens to be with the Man from the restaurant. Let’s hope David and Kelly finds Adrianna before it’s too late.

Cassie arrives in Llanview. That’s good coz Dorian might need her support when Viki confronts her for her involvement in Jessica’s shooting.

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