Lindsay Lohan skips Vienna Opera Ball

Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to the Vienna Opera Ball after all.

Austrian 77-year-old millionaire Richard Lugner confirmed today that Lindsay will not be making the event, according to the Associated Press.

Each year, Lugner picks a female star to take the the gala. Past dates included Nicollette Sheridan, Dita Von Teese and Paris Hilton.

Lindsay also would have received a $150,000 fee for going.

Instead, Lugner said he will take German singer, producer and entertainer Dieter Bohlen instead.

UPDATE: It appears he took Katie Price
to the ball instead!

Meanwhile, Splash News took photos of Lindsay at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), but she allegedly drove around five times before missing her flight. She later went to Chateau Marmont and another Hollywood club, but hid from photographers.

I’m wondering if Lindsay changed her mind about going because of Lugner’s recent comments about her.


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    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      that is great news,that she is skipping that old german perv-clowns shindig,less ammo for the haters,hah. luv ya,Linds:)

    • dukesr

      The Lindsay haters don’t need any ammo.
      They dream up their own ammo everyday.

    • clarice

      These only seems weird to me?

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    • herbiefrog

      p r o u d : ?

      [w ha tttt ?

      good decision {does that help?

    • julie

      I’m from germany and heard in the (german) news, that (also lugner said this) lindsay couldn’t come to vienna, because she was not allowed to leave the US because of her drinking in the past -decided by a court (????? she travelled a lot around in the past days, weeks???). I am confused now XD
      Very weird information policy ^^