Lindsay Lohan heads to London for Haiti benefit

Lindsay Lohan arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday in good spirits to fly to London for her Brit Awards Celebration/ Haiti benefit.

Even though Perez Hilton reported that Lindsay was fined $22,000 for causing a plane delay on Thursday, Gossip Cop is saying that is not true - planes with paying customers are not held up for celebrities!

Lindsay was wearing an oversized gray sweatshirt (can you tell what the picture is on the shirt?) under a black leather jacket with black leggings and a black hat.

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • peace&love

      is this the darkest she’s ever had her hair? looks good.

    • sam

      her sweater says COCO and thts a old pic of coco chanel doing a couture lik pose

    • navneet

      happy valentine day & iloveu

    • The_Girl_From_Bulgaria

      she looks gorgeous! i love her outfit! and im so glad she’s smiling! :)

    • dina

      God luck on your event in London and take care. Come home safetly ;)

    • ivycheang
    • dukesr

      Of course she looks good with blond hair or brunette hair
      but she’d look even better with red hair.

    • clarice

      I absolutely ADORE this outfit.

    • Sarah Parks

      Hi does anyone know where she stays in London? I would love to catch a glimpse and get an autograph and I dont really go to the bars she does while shes in the uk