• Thu, Feb 11 2010

Joni Mitchell and Janet Jackson

Joni Mitchell is before my time, that’s why it took somebody like Janet Jackon to introduce me to her. When Janet released her sixth studio album Velvet Rope album in 1997, it was the track Got ‘Til It’s Gone that grabbed my ear. Janet collaborated with Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, the beat was so nice, there was a female singer doing the hook who I didn’t recognize. It was Q-Tip who clued me in, he says ”Joni Mitchell never lied…” in the chorus before he drops his verse. So next thing you know I was going through my moms old records and found myself listening to Ladies of the Canyon, Joni Mitchell’s album from 1970. On it was a song called Big Yellow Taxi, with the same very hook that grabbed my ear earlier. My mission was completed.

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