General Hospital: Where Art Thou Liz & Nikolas Love Story?

So whatever happened to the LOVE that Elizabeth feels for Nikolas? I mean before their affair was caught by Lucky, Liz couldn’t stop declaring how much Nikolas makes her feel like a woman. That something inside her was awakened, blah blah. Even Nikolas spoke like Liz had saved his black soul.


Now Liz acts like she’d spit at the mere mention of Nikolas’ name. She would practically claws her eyes out whenever she runs into him. Oh how being caught in the act changes everything. Are they going to recognize the fact that the “love” they felt for each other was just lust? As cliché as it sounds, they enjoyed their rendezvous. Knowing they’d get caught anytime gave them excitement.

Maybe GH is waiting to continue the Liz and Nikolas love story once Liz finds out who her BabyDaddy is? A fresh new start for the new parents. Arrrgggh. I think I’m going to throw up when that happens.

I had an epiphany earlier when Helena creepily gave Liz a token as a thank you gift for making Nikolas realize he truly is a Cassadine. See. Emily helped Nikolas erase that part of him, to make him a better person, and Nikolas was. Then Liz came along and she helped him be the person he worked so hard not to be. BRAVO!!!

(Image: Zuma Press)

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