General Hospital Casting News: Bradley Cole

Bradley Cole, who played Prince Richard Winslow and later on as Jeffrey O’Neill on Guiding Light, as well as Jordan Roberts on All My Children is joining General Hospital soon.

INFphoto_301262Bradley Cole will portray Kiefer’s father, Carlton Bauer. Kiefer is the violent and troubled boyfriend of Kristina, Sonny and Alexis’ daughter. That character is slate to show up in the canvas by March.

When I heard that Bradley Cole is joining the cast, I initially thought of Laura Wright. She played Cassie on Guiding Light remember? And she became a Princess by marriage to Bradley Cole’s Richard Winslow. Now that Carly and Jax are in a rough spot of their marriage, could Carly find herself being involved with a new man. let’s say Carlton? If not, I hope GH would sort of make write a scene where they’ll bump into each other and say, “hey, you look familiar.” That would be so cool.

I can seem him having a chemistry with Alexis and Diane too. Chances are it would be Alexis he’ll be hooking up with. Unless of course Alexis finds it weird to be dating the father of her daughter’s boyfriend. Especially after Alexis finds out what a disturbing kid Kiefer is.

I guess we’ll see.

(Image: Zuma Press)

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    • mary white

      that is not nicholas,he would not do that to his brother,he is the other cassidine no one seems to know anything about and is holding the real nicholas captive.i hope that is not elizabeth either.jason should not be with sam after she watched his son get taken and slept with her forgive but you don’t forget something like that,the viewers haven’t.i would not get back with a man who watched my child being taken,you draw the line when it comes to your child and protect them as much as you can,please gh end that with jason and sam quick.

    • Lily

      I like Alexis with Mac, they crack me up! Put this guy with, Lisa! She needs to get away from Patrick and Robin. And Kiefer to the curb-he’s a creep!