Final Lindsay Lohan interview with Niecy Nash

Finally, The Insider is wrapping up the Niecy Nash interview with Lindsay Lohan, and showing us the result of Beverly Hills organizer Linda Koopersmith’s hard work.

After watching part 4 of the interviews, some of us were wondering what happened to Lindsay’s room overflowing with boxes shoes and clothing.

Looks like we got our answer: Koopersmith was able to clear Lindsay’s media room (we didn’t even know it was a media room before this!) completely! Some of the items will be put up for sale on and the rest organized neatly in Lindsay’s apartment. As of yet, the items are not on the family website, but we will keep checking!

Dina Lohan appeared as a guest on The Insider saying how happy she was with the result of the organization process.

An Insider host took advantage of Dina being there and asked her what she thought about Lindsay’s controversial Purple Magazine “Jesus on a cross” pose .

Dina said she didn’t think of it like that but more of as an “angelic” pose.

On Part 4, they mentioned showing us Lindsay’s bedroom. We got a peek on Tuesday, but they left that part out tonight. Hmm. And they act like that is all. What do you think?

By the way, Lindsay should be making her way to Vienna for the Vienna Opera Ball.

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    • dina

      I think that is style of celebrities have a lot of the stuff. Looking nice and prefect. I hope it will be continue with this. Every months lindsay should be take out some of the clothes, shoes and bags. Enjoy with a new clean place, lindsay. Now you can breath and more smiling. God Bless you linds.