• Thu, Feb 11 2010

Angelina Jolie at the SOS Children’s Village in Haiti

Although it’s unfortunately quite short, here’s a really cute video clip of Angelina Jolie at the SOS Children’s Village in Haiti. It appears that the children were giving a little performance, singing and dancing a bit for Angelina.

It shows to me how resilient children are. The situation in Haiti is just awful right now, obviously, but these kids are still able to sing and laugh and have fun. Hopefully with a bit of help these kids will still have a chance in the future. I’m so happy that Angelina keeps directing attention to the people who really need it.

(Thanks for the video Faye!)

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  • http://MSN.com gena

    This is an interesting read about “IB”. It is about all the parties given by Weinstein’s company to promote IB and Tarrintino. Interesting that Brad has not attended any of these. There were pics of him out with friend at Toy store as stated above. Think Brad really likes to be lied back and not get dressed up all the time. I’m sure he goes when he feels that it is necessary or when in his contract. Love how he is staying low keyed and spending time with family. He likes spending time with his guy friends.
    Hopefully Angie has made it back home in time for Valentines. Know the kids will have a ball and a special time for her and Brad. Last year they went out to dinner the day after.

  • http://MSN.com gena

    Sunny, who is the actress who is Maddox’s godmother?

  • lennie

    Yay!!!! My Angie is speaking french! Actually I couldn’t grasp that much, the sound was a bit confused but just for the “Bravo” and the “Merci” I can say that she is doing well. The right intonation. The right accents.

  • sunny

    gena (subscribed) says:
    Sunny, who is the actress who is Maddox’s godmother?

    Jillian Armenante. 7 years older than Angie. They visit each other.

  • sunny

    CNN’s chief international correspondant Christiane Amanpour’s show is going to air Angie’s interview.

    Angelina Jolie tells me about meeting Haitians injured and displaced in the earthquake for this week’s show. She told me she was hit hardest an by injured boy in the street. She talks talks about it on our Friday show at 2100 CET and this weekend on CNN in the U.S. at 2pm EST & 5pm EST.


  • Barbara

    ***** Jolie praises Haiti relief efforts
    By CAPT. ALEXANDRE MUNOZ, Special to QMI Agency

    Maj Kevin Skirrow, of 8 Wing, CFB Trenton, and Tiffany Keenon, co-ordinator of NGOs at Jacmel, welcome Angelina Jolie at Jacmel Airfield, Haiti. The star was on a UN trip to Haiti and took time to visit Canadian air force personnel from Trenton operating the airfrield at Jacmel Wednesday.

    JACMEL, Haiti – It may be a grim theatre of operations but one of the world’s most glamourous film stars brightened the day Wednesday for dozens of Canadian air force personnel serving there.

    Movie star Angelina Jolie paid a visit to Jacmel, Haiti, where members of the Canadian Forces have been keeping the shattered Caribbean country’s second air entry point open, ensuring the continued operation of an air bridge between Canada, Jamaica and Haiti.

    See rest of article:http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2010/02/10/12827281-qmi.html?cid=rssnewslast24hours

  • Barbara

    See http://www.airforce.forces.gc.ca/v2/nr-sp/index-eng.asp?id=10175#photos for photos of Angelina Jolie’s visit to airforce base in Jacmel, Haiti

  • http://joliepittresource.wordpress.com joliepittfanatic

    Sunny- Thanks for the info!

  • http://joliepittresource.wordpress.com joliepittfanatic

    Oh, and I want to add to what you said about Marcheline that not only was she born in Chicago and not France, but her background was French Canadian, not French (so she wasn’t second or third generation French, either!). Even Angie herself has said she is puzzled as to how the rumors of her mother being French got started. :)

  • Livia

    I don’t know if anyone knows this, but an interview of Angelina will be conducted by Christiane Amanpour for CNN and televised on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. EST. I saw the advertisement on CNN yesterday.
    Angelina will be discussing Haiti.

    You can view video of the interview on Amanpour’s blog: