America’s Best Dance Crew 5: Meet The Blended Projekt


The battle is on again tonight when America’s Best Dance Crew returns with the last five semi-final crews. Here’s another clogging group, The Blended Projekt:

[West Crew Photos (Credit: MTV)]

The Blended Projekt (West Covina, CA): The Blended Projekt is a crew of young dancers (including three 16-year-olds) who combine traditional clogging with hip-hop dance in a technique they call “Blending.” While clogging has appeared on “ABDC” before, it has certainly never looked like this. Tired of what they considered the “nerdy” traditional clogging style, Blended Projekt rips the taps off their clogs and fuses them to their sneakers. Now when they perform, this crew of hip-hop lovers can keep its young and hip while maintaining its classic clogging technique.

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