America’s Best Dance Crew 5: Meet Heavy Impact


This America’s Best Dance Crew contender wants to make a Heavy Impact. Will they?

[West Crew Photos (Credit: MTV)]

Heavy Impact (North Hollywood, CA): These big boys are out to break negative stereotypes and prove dancers come in all sizes. These guys have big hearts and hope they can inspire others who have a passion for dance saying, “No matter what the size, if you love to dance, you are a dancer.” Heavy Impact hopes that their combination of infectious feel-good dancing and inspirational charm will win over America, but they know this isn’t going to be an easy feat. They know when they walk out on that stage, people are going to assume they are a joke based on their appearance and this has been a hurdle they have faced their whole lives.

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    • Popcorn

      They’re sexy, plain and simple. The hosts made too many references towards the size of the guys.