American Idol seeing ratings boost courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres

According to USA Today, having Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol has been very good for the show’s television ratings.

With Ellen’s big debut on Tuesday night, Idol drew in just under 28 million viewers! The write-up states that those numbers are 3 million higher than last year’s Hollywood week. That makes sense though – although people were curious about Kara DioGuardi being added to the judging roster, the average person doesn’t really know who she is, despite being a hugely successful songwriter. On the other hand, even people who don’t watch Ellen’s show know exactly who Ellen DeGeneres is!

I think there was a lot of curiosity behind the boost because people wanted to see how Ellen fared as the newest judge, especially since she’s not directly involved in the music business. However, I think that a lot of people will probably continue to tune in because – in my opinion at least – Ellen did a great job, finding the right balance between using her trademark (but toned down) humor and not pulling any punches when it came time to critiquing people.

Will Ellen DeGeneres continue to draw me in? She certainly has my vote!

Image: Michael Becker / FOX

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