Alexis Bledel Talks Up “Gilmore Girls” Movie

While doing press for her new film The Good Guy (opening in select cities this Friday, February 19) Alexis Bledel (Rory on Gilmore Girls) once again fielded questions about a possible Gilmore Girls film from E!Online’s Marc Malkin (you can also watch a video of Alexis talking to Marc on E’s site, which I can’t embed here). Don’t get too excited, like all the other cast members, Alexis admits that nothing is in the works right now, but never say never!

She does however, seem a bit cautious about what the movie would be about:

“I don’t know what story is left to tell…But I’d very curious to read a script.

Given Rory would be in her late 20s by now, it also might make sense that her character would possibly be pregnant in a potential movie, and to this Rory says, she’s surprised it didn’t happen sooner:

“I actually always thought they were going to do that in the series. Since Lorelai got pregnant early, I thought my character was supposed to get pregnant early because she had all these boyfriends. Rory always had boyfriends.”

That’s an interesting question to think about. Statistically, teen mothers are more likely to have children who are also teen mothers, so Alexis’s thinking is not off the mark. However, one of the themes of the show was Lorelai’s determination to have Rory not end up that way, which is why she was so desperate to get her into Chilton and so distraught when she left Yale.

What do you think of Alexis’s comments on Rory’s character? And what do you think the movie could be about? Rory and Logan? Lorelai as a grandmother? Let’s hear your plot ideas!

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    • Sydnie

      If they do a movie, it’s got to be a wedding between Luke and Lorelai. We waited seven years and saw them go through so much ish together, that if they did the movie and it didn’t center on a wedding between them that it would just be a waste. Now Rory getting pregnant is something different. I actually don’t see it. Statistically speaking it would be more likely, but she’s got way too much going on. I say we see her as a career woman with a new man in NYC, or the like.

    • Nancy

      The biggest focus should be on Luke and Lorelai getting married. However I would like to see Rory and Logan end up together as well, maybe working at the same paper in Ca. or moving them back East again in the end. Ultimately I just want a good ending with Amy writing it. Lane needs to be in the ending as well. Maybe you could throw in Lorelai getting pregnant with twins after she and Luke get married. That would be kind of fun! Also you need to put in Richard and Emily. Just make sure you get all the same character, otherwise you might as well forget it. It wouldn’t be the same.

      • tara

        that would not work with rory and logan scince he dumped her after she asked if they could slow things down when he proposed .

    • JessicaL

      I can’t see them ever doing a movie. I want it, I think every GG fan does. But at this point, cynicism is beginning to overtake my hope. Too much has happened, each actor has moved on to other things.

      IF they did do a movie though, of course I’d like to see Lorelai and Luke, after extensive therapy, get married. As for Rory, I think it would be neat for them to address what a lot of 20 something women face-being torn between boosting their career and trying to figure out where the marriage and kids fit into that. She obviously wasn’t ready for that at 23, but as hypothetical movie Rory, she’d be older, likely to have her foot in the door of a good career. Or maybe going back to grad school-I always wondered why grad school wasn’t really a major option for Rory. It certainly wasn’t the money.

    • Amanda

      IF this movie was to come true I definitley agree that Lorelai and Luke should end up together… getting married… and not only do they need to have Lane, Emily and Richard but Sookie and Jackson as well. If Lorelai and Luke ended up getting married Sookie’s gotta make the food!
      As for Rory, her ending up pregnant wouldn’t really make sense if her and Logan broke up in the end of season 7- I think somehow Jess should show up back in her life and they should end up together- then it would be one big happy family. I always though Rory and Jess were the most suited for eachother, definitley had the same sort of goals and the most in common. A movie would be AWESOME but I think if they’re going to do it it would have to be SOON because they all have their own projects going and not only that but Lauren Graham is starting her own sitcom to air in March…. plus everyone is getting older and in a few more years nothing will work anymore.

    • Christie

      The movie should definitely begin with the wedding of Lorelai and Luke! It’s been three years. The movie should begin with the wedding and Rory’s visit home. See some old faces! All the past guys and then… “enter” A new or past perfect guys who proposes and flashes forward to them being married an pregnant!

    • Maria Diaz

      I’m going to chime in and say that Rory would probably not be pregnant at the age she is now, if she were to continue on the political trail. It would be interesting to see her deal with the issue that many career-driven women face, where at some point you have to make a choice. I also think Rory would end up in grad school, but maybe not the “new” Rory versus the Rory we saw at the beginning of the show, with her nose always in a book!

    • Nancy

      Definitely need to have Sookie and Jasckson for the wedding. I don’t want to see Jess and Rory get back together. I hated Jess. I always fast forward the parts of him. His Character made me mad. I hated his attitude. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Rory and Logan, Luke and Lorelai and the whole gang!

    • Alia

      I think it would be great to have a movie and ASP and DP would have every GG fan behind them. I don’t think that Jess and Rory should get together (he should be there for the wedding though) because they would be Step-Cousins and I (and probably other people) would find it too creepy. Also, the actors of Sex and the City all had moved on to other movies etc and they came back for a Sex and the City movie. I think that ASP needs to make it sooner rather than later. Just an off-topic bit here, I love this picture of Alexis. She looks beautiful. :)

      I wouldn’t mind if it were Logan or someone new for Rory. I don’t think everyone is going to agree and it should be up to ASP. Just look forward to those last four words.

    • joneskylimited

      nice show…:)

    • autotrucker

      I agree on Lorelai & luke getting merried at the start of the movie, he went through much headack with those two coming & going in & out of his life, he is best suited for Lorelai always has. Now royy should not be pregnant no cause the leason that she grew up with is thatLorelai raise he on that she never wanted rory to be like her when she was her age. Now rory should be with jess togather they were the most comman in the show & jess knows them best so that make a perfect match. Now I also agree that all the same people should be in the movies cause that would throw the vibe off line of that person that they change. Bring all the people back don’t leave any out.