Katie Holmes Attends Hermes Men’s Store Opening

Looks like Katie Holmes is a fan of Hermes! Last night (February 9) she attended the Hermes Men’s Store opening on Madison Avenue in new York, New York. She looks beautiful!

I am in love with that gray coat of hers and she just looks perfect in it. Katie had one very busy day of being photographed yesterday – getting coffee, lunching with Suri, etc.  We all know those New York paparazzi love Katie!

Other celebrities that attended the Hermes Men’s Store opening included Martha Stewart,  Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, John Slattery and more.

Image Credit: Fame Pictures

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    • Charlotte Rose

      LOVE HER HAIR AND MAKEUP. The coat: Not so much. It overwhelms her.

    • kit

      Agree with CR.
      Coat makes her look like a caricature out of an old SS movie.

    • KatMaria

      Stunning!!! I love the whole look.

    • Mary

      She looks gorgeous in that coat………The entire look actually. She has the height to pull it off.
      Very, very nice!

    • annie

      She does look gorgeous, love her hair , and makeup. I like the coat, only a tall girl could get away with it. Actually I think the whole look is stunning!

      ps this is why I whinge about her hair and makeup, she is gorgeous, such pretty colour eyes, and when styled the hair looks natural yet lovely and shiny. Please keep it up Katie, especially at events, or going to resturant, please!!

    • Jenna

      I agree CRose… the coat appears to be a tad ill-fitting.

    • Jenna

      Hair looks healthy and skin looks great!

    • Jenna

      very odd… julie why did you remove the clip of katie and the other two actresses’ in their romantics interview? Or, am I just missing it somewhere? There have so many clips/pics/postings that I just could have overlooked it!

    • kate

      I think she is beautiful. Love the coat.

    • Zigzag

      Oh she has such glowing flawless skin, I’m so jealous! Beautiful. :-)

    • Zigzag

      would love to see a full smile though

    • Julie Bonner

      Jenna – not sure what you are talking about. I haven’t removed any videos.

    • Jenna

      the vanity fair video with Katie and the other two actresses’ from the romantics…. am i missing it somewhere?

    • http://n/a Linda

      finally, she looks presentable. Of late, it was all BAD.

    • Priscila

      Katie is very beautiful