“Millionaire Matchmaker’s” Jilted Marc Is Actually A Reality Dating Show Jumper

Of course, he was too good to be true! Marc, the dashing gentleman who millionairess Shauna ditched on last week’s epic Millionaire Matchmaker is actually on another reality show! Marc is competing for the love of model Cindy Margolis on the Fox Reality Channel’s Seducing Cindy. His profile on the show’s website says he’s a “celebrity dater” and shockingly reveals that he “loves beautiful women.” What a surprise.

Marc, who’s full name is Marc Hertle, is from Laguna Beach. Wonder if he knows any of our housewives? He should hook up with Jeana Keough! Marc has a myspace, where he is listed as “101″ years old (no wonder Shauna felt old energy coming from him) and where he says he is working with a “team of stuntmen, as well as act and model.” As far as  his acting career, I found two separate IMDB pages for a Marc Hertle, each with one credit, one for Future Shock and another for … Bikini Traffic School.

It’s really too bad Shauna ran out on Marc; she’s another reality show addict. The world first learned of her on the Style network show Split Ends, where she acted in the calm, rational manner we have come to expect of her.

Alas, it turns out Marc has already been eliminated from the cast of Seducing Cindy. Looks like he can never win!

Big shout out to the commenters who alerted me of this coincidence! Never would have figured it out otherwise.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX REALITY CHANNEL

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    • Becky

      Wow what a surprise! NOT…

    • k

      Hey! He should hook up with Jeana…that would be nice! But I have a feeling she likes a more manly man (I’m not saying Marc is feminine…I just don’t see him working on the family cars or lugging out the trash.)

      I have never seen the Seducing Cindy show, but I’ve seen the promos, and why would anyone want to seduce her? Just kind of looks used up…

      I would think this guy would have no trouble meeting someone lovely on his own…

    • http://nancyimperiale.wordpress.com Nancy

      Well I’ll be. Shauna’s such a fool — she and Old McHunky could have made it to the crashing the White House level together. Not that I’d ever expect him to be monogamous. Being a modelizer he’s obvs just as twisted as she. Unless Shauna became the most famous woman in the world. In which case, Armageddon is upon us and it won’t really matter where you left your Louis Vuitton (!) shoe.

    • Keyki

      He ALSO appeared on Season 1, Episode 5 of VH1′s Tough Love. On that show, he was hired by Steve to play…a millionaire…go figure…to trip up the gold digging Taylor. Steve clearly says that Marc is an actor. The fact that Patti’s people didn’t catch that, or DID catch that makes me never want to watch her show again. It makes me think that the whole Shauna/Marc incident was staged. Let’s think about it. How did the camera crew just HAPPEN to still be on the floor where Shauna’s room was as she went screaming by? And how did they just happen to be in the hallway when Patti kicked her out of the office? They NEVER do hallway shots…weird, and weak. Over it!

    • Rachel

      It must have been staged. Otherwise there’s no way anyone would run away from a guy who looks like Marc- especially if they have Shauna’s face.

    • Kaija

      Just saw a clip of that b-list reality show “Seducing Cindy” on THE SOUP which is where I saw MARC — having coincidentally just seen the episode of Millionaire Matchmaker (w/him) a couple days ago, I had to do a double take & check online that it was really the same person. Any sympathy I had for him for the way botox b*tch treated him went out the door. So much for finding the real life Mr. Big, eh?

    • Ashley

      @Kaija I saw it on The Soup too and just had to look it up. I had a crush on him from the Millionaire Matchmaker, but after figuring this out I just don’t think he’s that cute anymore.

    • Cassandra

      >>>>”Marc has a myspace, where he is listed as “101″ years old (no wonder Shauna felt old energy coming from him)”

      a little research would have shown that SHAUNA, too, lists her myspace age as 101

    • jojo1

      HE ALSO is in a match.com ad!!!!!!!! This guy is everywhere. SO I guess he’s not in real estate??

    • Nubiadonna

      And wait for it… he also appeared on Baggage the GSN dating game . He IS everywhere!

    • carolina

      And now! To add to his extravagant list, Mark is also a contestant on GSN’s dating show “Baggage” hosted by Jerry Springer. Its funny to watch this desperate loser.

      Funny side note: one of the three contestants fighting for a date with this wonderful man was also part of the millionaire matchmaker girls. Livia unfortunately got the first boot by Mark.

      Don’t worry Livia, you’re obviously not missing out! CREEPER.

    • reyna

      OMG, I was looking for workman’s compensation insurance and starting searching the State of CA wedbite, only to be eventually directed here:


      I’d love it if someone could tell me if they think this guy is Marc! Anyway, he is a creeper for sure but he gets props for getting all these shows/jobs! At least he works unlike the other boytoys Shauna WANTED to date!

    • Meli

      Poor Marc…maybe he was maybe he wasn’t.

      If you want to check out Marc Hertle’s professional profile here it is:

      I am not sure if he was serious about finding love. Possibly, everyone wants to find love, however, the fact that he said he was a real estate mogule and didn’t just say he was an actor/model gives the impression that he was keeping back the truth. Maybe he does own lots of real estate. He doesn’t have a lot of credits to his acting career so maybe he really is into real estate as he claimed.

    • nic

      Mark is hot. Who cares if he’s a jumper? Wow.