Cute video clip of Brad, Angelina, and Maddox at the Superbowl

Entertainment Tonight did a little bit of coverage about all the celebrities who had attended the Superbowl on Sunday (it was like the Oscars without the fancy gowns with all the famous faces!). The video shows a lot of footage of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Maddox Jolie-Pitt in their VIP box and to me the entire thing just screams that they’re a family that happens to be famous but that they’re normal in every other way.

In the video we see Brad standing up cheering, a cute moment of Angelina doing a victory “chair dance”, and my favorite of all, the reaction when Maddox accidentally knocks his water bottle off the ledge. Angelina looks like she’s thinking, “oh no, please tell me that didn’t land on anyone, someone else look and tell me!”

It really seems like they had a great time at the game!

(Thanks to everyone who let me know about the clip!)

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    • Kati

      woobie -I think that they do a lot more than just “like” each other. They LOVE each other. It´s easy to see after watching these pics that all that fire, love and passion still is in their relationship. They act like two teenagers having their first date. That love is sooo easy to see in every eye contact they have and especially in that KISS! The rags can say whatever they want after this very public PDA but that all was very REAL! And what´s the most important thing is that they finally sued one rag (NOTW) for publishing these outrageous LIES! They should do the same for other rags! To give them a good lesson too! These two will be here for a long, long time no matter what those rags say!


      I just love to see angie and brad taking their kids out.

    • Kati

      That video is really FUNNY! The expresions on Angie and Mad´s faces at the moment when Mad accidentally knocks down his water bottle are PRICELESS! Also that chair dance Angie is doing is really funny. It shows that she´s really enjoying herself. And she must have had a great time with two of her boys. Maybe next time she and Brad will take Pax out somewhere and do something with him. Can´t wait to see Knox and Viv. Miss them terribly! Soon the family will be heading to Europe. Maybe we´ll be seeing a lot more of the whole family then. God bless this beautiful family always!

    • Kati

      This video is really FUNNY! Those expressions on Mad and Angie´s faces when Mad accidentally knock down his water bottle are PRICELESS! Also that chair dance Angie is doing is funny. It shows that she was really enjoyying her time with two of her boys. Hopefully she and Brad will soon take Pax out with them and do something fun with him too. Hope to see Knox and Viv soon too. Miss them terribly! Let´s hope that after the family comes to Europe soon we´ll be seeing the whole family more often. God bless this beautiful family always!

    • Mer

      This waterbottle part is so funny! Nice to see them having a really good time. Thanks Sherry!

    • isacutie

      Once again thank you thank thank you…loved their expressions when the bottle fell. :-) Angie must have been so worried it hit someone. I gotta say I was rooting for the Vikings before, but I’m glad their team won.

      Looks like Angie has her plate full will travels to visit the Haiti survivors.

    • Noelle

      LOL. That’s the great thing about kids – they’re the equalizers. Brad & Angie can be dressed in designer clothes and look as gorgeous as they do but then Mad does something silly and all of a sudden they’re just parents again. I love that Angie actually cares enough to be embarrassed. So cute. I can just picture her thinking “Oh geez, what do I do now?!” And Brad is such a guy about the whole thing. Hee hee

    • Aussie Girl

      Oh Wow I just love this clip!! Maddox looks up at Ange as if to say “Sorry Mum”and Ange is thinking Oh No what do I do?? Love it…they look so happy and unguarded.I hope there law-suit will stem the tide of never-ending BS about this lovely couple.I so glad to be a fan right now and always!!

    • Lucy

      This is so funny Sherry. I missed this on ET. What a happy family.