Will Lauren Graham’s “Parenthood” Role Just Be A Reprise of Lorelai Gilmore?

There’s only one month left before Lauren Graham‘s T.V. show Parenthood premieres on NBC! Allison Waldman of TVSquad posted another promo from the show and asks if Lauren’s role as Sarah Braveman is just a remix of Lorelai Gilmore.  A TVSquad staff member saw the pilot and has this to say:

According to Joel, who saw the pilot, Sarah is no Lorelai. She’s not chummy-chummy with her children. She’s a lot tougher and more of a mom than a buddy. That would definitely be different from ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Lorelai and Rory’s relationship was unique because they were really best friends… most of the time.

That might be true, but after watching this promo, I feel much like Allison does: that the way Sarah talks to her children when they walk away from her was Lorelai-esque:

I think that Lauren just owned the Lorelai character so well that now, unfortunately, we’ll always think of that when we watch her in other roles, even in drastically different ones (like say, her turn on Bad Santa). What do you think? Does this clip remind you of Lorelai?

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    • Michelle

      What do I think? I think I could not disagree with you more and I’m honestly disappointed you posted this. It was too bad when it was originally posted and I certainly think it’s a shame it’s now been spread to this site. First of all – I disagree that this is any way like Lorelai. The original poster said that this reminded them of Lorelai taking Rory to Chilton the first time. In case anyone’s forgotten, Lorelai was hoping to just drop Rory off and then make a quick getaway – no lingering around the school grounds for her. Rory MADE Lorelai (in the inappropriate outfit and all) come in and help her get situated etc. This mom (Sarah Braverman) is trying to do something supportive to try and help her children (who both have some serious issues if you’ve seen the other promos) — and the teens are mortified by it. Not exactly a parallel to Rory and Lorelai’s relationship.
      As far as her sounding “Lorelai-esque”, are we seriously going to have to hear that from people every time Lauren delivers a line that is supposed to be humorous as Sarah? It’s one promo. It’s a funny line. Lorelai was funny. Lauren played Lorelai. Lorelai was also a mom. If we are incapable of letting this amazing actor move on into this role without nitpicking comparisons to GG, it is a truly sad thing because she deserves a wonderful and long career. I think it is insulting to Lauren that some people who would seem to be fans won’t even let a single episode of Parenthood air before questioning if her role is a Lorelai rip-off. That just breaks my heart. I, for one, am SO PROUD that she is going to be Sarah Braverman and will be supporting her and Parenthood fully as it goes forward.

    • oppidumgg

      I second that Michelle said .Lorelai ‘d never scream “You can be the best!” like that .
      The unskillful Sarah is more …normal and the way her children look at her reminds me my son when he was a teen.
      Lauren brings her humor in both characters that’s all.Parenthood promises us some big fights and more dramatic moments I’m looking forward to watch

    • tommeerveld

      she always will be lorelei no matter what she plays

    • Cora

      She is talented and easy to watch. She turns a drama into a dramedy and I for one am going to watch Sarah Braverman for Sarah – not Loreli or even Lauren for that matter. I like to get invested in interesting characters and she has already caught my attention. Saw a much longer preview in the movies and she is very watchable. The show looks amazing.

    • martin

      People, don’t get fooled by just one promo trailer!

      I totally agree with Michelle’s post. The similarities to Lorelai are only on the surface. She’s definitely not reprising the Lorelai act.

    • http://loveandrockmusic.blogspot.com Alli

      Hm. I think not. Because Lorelai always sort of knew exactly the right thing to say, and even when she didn’t, she still owned it. Lorelai was a character solid in self and secure with her life and family (Rory). This new character, Sarah, feels like the opposite.

    • http://tengoarenaenloszapatos.blogspot.com Ana

      I don’t think Sarah is very similar to Lorelai, they are both mums, and create some funny situations (although in different ways) but I think that is as far as the similarities can go. At least that’s all I can say after watching the few clips available of the show. However, I don’t think there is any need to get all worked up about this idea. Lauren played Lorelai for 7 years, it’s logical that this question is raised, and it will probably happen with future roles. But it is Lauren’s job to prove that she can play any role in a unique way, as I am sure she will.

    • heipe

      tommeerveld you so right. In this scene I saw Lorelai and not Sarah.

    • mari

      Hey give lauren a chances ,she not like lorelai, this is a diffrent show ,and i cant waite to see that show, i think this show going to be good,sad and funny. congratulation lauren graham, you rock,So keep up with a good job.

    • simone

      Sorry but to me it is Lorelay all again (like to see a GG episode)the talking and walking the way she dress nothing change. Maybe a good thing not sure but not for me.

    • http://twitter.com/emoscarlet Ace

      I agree, that this is no Lorelai, however. I just had a chance to watch ” the answer man” Half of the movie went to me asking where luke was. Obviously he wasn’t coming in, but I just couldn’t get the Lorelai Character out of my head. This show might change that though