Why Won’t Lorelai Take Free Coffee?

In ‘We Got Us a Pippi Virgin‘, Luke tries to offer Lorelai free coffee at the diner, now that they are dating. Lorelai feels uncomfortable with that. Lorelai says, “Luke, this is your business. I’ve always paid, and I always should pay.” They settle on no tips, saying it would be “weird.” (I don’t usually tip for just coffee, do you? At least not every time!)


Do you think Lorelai should have accepted the free coffee? At least sometimes? I know I do! I have a cafe I visit regularly (I’m a coffee-aholic) and they often offer me a free coffee or sweet treat just to say thanks. I’m not above accepting it. ;)

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Image: TheWB.com

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    • Lathany

      (Aside) I’ve never been offered free coffee, but then I don’t drink it out that much. Equally, I rarely tip on just coffee.

      I don’t really have a good answer to this. It’s one more thing that would be awkward if things didn’t work out between them; but not nearly so much as actually turning up at the diner itself! I think I’d refuse the free coffee if offered as a girlfriend (although I would probably accept it under the “valued customer” label). All of which probably says more about me than about Lorelai.