Ratings Report: Despite pre-emptions, Medium goes above a 2.0

If you either tried to attend our Open Mic last night, or went to read the transcript, then you already know of my plight. I live straight in the path of the Snowpocalypse, so last night’s CBS lineup was pre-empted by local news coverage of the storm. I live in a pretty big news market, and I’m sure my affiliates weren’t the only ones to do so. Despite all of this, Medium improved its numbers over last week.

CBS easily won the night, yet again, with Ghost Whisperer and Medium both earning 2.2 million in the 18-49 demographic. Medium had slightly more total viewers than Ghost Whisperer, with 9.10 vs. Ghost Whisperer‘s 8.77 million. Numb3rs didn’t quite score as high in the coveted demographic, but still earned an impressive 2.0. It also once again scored the highest number of total viewers for the night, with 9.18 million. In fact, Numb3rs and Medium were the only two shows to end up with more than 9 million viewers for the night.

Obviously I have absolutely nothing to base this on, but I do have a general feeling that if Medium keeps averaging over a 2.0, it has a high likelihood of being renewed for a seventh season. Ever since Medium returned from its winter hiatus, it has pretty consistently been doing just this. I feel good about these numbers, and with each passing week, I feel better and better about Medium’s chance for renewal.

Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

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    • Shimbo

      I am really happy performed so strongly last night! Let’s keep it up! That’s amazing numbers for a Friday night!

    • Jose

      I think last night was Season high for medium …Great episode and the ratings prove it … Is true Kona since medium return from the hiatus is bigger and bigger Season 7 Here we GO!!!!

    • Dawn

      Yes it was a season high for Medium in total viewers and it matched its season high in the demo, and improved greatly over last week. If this keeps up, we’ll be guaranteed a season 7. Yipppeee! It’s starting to look Ghost Whisperer might be the one in some danger of cancellation, since Medium continues to build on its audience, and Numbers often has the most total viewers of the night. But given that GW and Medium are the perfect pairing, and Numbers order has already been reduced, I’d say Numbers is in the most danger on Fridays. That is, unless Miami Medical flops big-time. In that case, Numbers will probably be back.

    • Lina

      That’s really good news! Hope the ratings keeps holdining this high cus I really want another season of medium!

    • Mike

      That was Medium’s most total viewers since the season 4 finale, wow!

    • Michael

      That’s wonderful news! I’m so happy Medium had an amazing night. It was a really good episode too. Look forward to next weeks and hopefully that gets even greater ratings than fridays.

      Seven seven, here we come!

    • http://www.mediumdreams.com cameron

      I think medium will a bright future on cbs I hope they make 10seasons

    • Linda

      Yay, that’s really great!