General Hospital Spoilers: February 8 – 12

soaps-abc-gh-spoiler General Hospital Spoilers, week of February 8th to 12th

Sonny and Dante start to deal with their situation. Maybe a to have a nice Father and Son relationship.

Michael is not helping with Sonny’s legal issues.

Liz has another meltdown and meets Jason’s arms.

Lucky is not having a good week either.

To top is all off, Helen is back.

Find out more after the fold….

Dante told Lucky that he shot himself. Sonny is safe from that crime. Imagine that. But the Claudia murder continues to heat up. He’s still heading to trial for that. It’s a waste of time really since Sonny probably will get away with it again. Unless TPTB has something new up their sleeves with this storyline.

Michael confesses to Mac that it was him who killed Claudia. Nobody listens to this kid really. They think he’s doing it to save Sonny so that confession is out the window.

After a meltdown at Jake’s, this is after Liz picks a fight with Sam, Liz runs into the comforting arms of Jason. Liz can’t get a break coz Lucky see that moment. That’s after he gets into a confrontation with Johnny. Ayayay.

If that’s not enough, Helena shows up in town, She’s might proud of her grandson actually. A total Cassadine-Nova that Nikolas is.

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