Connor and Isabella are Jet Setters

It’s big news when Tom Cruise’s kids board a plane at LAX and the paparazzi were hot on their tail at the airport. Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise were spotted at LAX yesterday (February 5) at the International terminal.

My guess is they are headed to Australia to see their mom, Nicole Kidman. In some of the pictures Isabella is smiling and she is so pretty. We usually don’t see very many pictures of Connor and Isabella. They manage to stay under the radar pretty well.

Image Credit: Bauer Griffin

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    • Bellegirl

      Not to be mean but I don’t think Isabella looks pretty. She looks worn down, frumpy, and as though she doesn’t care about her looks, especially her hair.

    • annie

      I think Bella is going through that difficult stage that some teenagers go through , the spots and things. It’s amazing to think that Tom Cruise has an 18 yr old daughter, I don’t know why I think that.

    • Sharon

      Isn’t she 17? Hopefully any comments on these pics will thoughtful. I think comments about minor aged children should follow the adage, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Just my opinon….

    • LisaJane

      About the hair comment: Why is it that women (and even young girls like Bella) are expected to spend ages doing their hair, make-up and choosing their outfit? How much presure are we putting on women to be perfect? So she doesn’t have perfectly groomed and shiney hair, who cares? Perhaps she didn’t have time, perhaps, like you say, she just doesn’t care how she looks. And why should she? She’s catching a plane for christ sake, not doing a photo shoot.

    • REVIEW

      This is getting dangerous. The girl looks perfectly fine to me, a 17 year old who is about to catch a plane. And then we compain about how shallow Hollywood is…this is a good example of why it is that way.

    • susan kuby stassi

      when did she get so big.she looks so good. tom you should be so proud. and your son getting more grow everyday he is so handsome. your always susie

    • annie

      sorry I thought Bella was 18.

    • Lauren

      There are very nice pictures of Connor at radaronline, he is so handsome and is smiling. He has grown so much.

      Bella is a naturally beautiful girl. I am glad her parents do not starve her to suit the Hollywood mold.

    • Carla

      When children are famous only because of their attachment to their celebrity father or mother, of course they are scrutinized. It’s expected. Granted, these two should take their appearance more seriously. They represent their wealthy parents: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. I have never seen their parents look bad; They always are weel-groomed and dressed appropriately in the public eye. So, why shouldn’t their children look the part? Connor always looks the part. Bella always had that rebellious look about her. Which makes a person wonder—with all the money that these two parents have, why would their daughter NOT have a stylist care for her hair, have a personal trainer keep her body trim and fit, and a clothes designer to make sure that she is always dressed stylishly and chic?

    • Carla

      They flew to the superbowl.

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    • Karen

      She’s 17 and getting on an airplane! She shouldn’t be “representing her rich parents.” She looks like a normal teen girl, which is a credit to TC, KH, AND Nicole Kidman.

    • Carla

      I disagree. When I was 17 and headed on an airplane to Hawaii, I looked like a million dollars. And I wasn’t rich then. Your outward image shows how you think of yourself. Obviously, she’s not happy with her home life, and how she is treated.

    • Sharon

      LOL!! Carla…when people’s priorities don’t fall in line with yours, why so judgmental? As for the armchair diagnoses…rebellious? not happy with her home life? You can’t be serious. One could hope that she has higher priorities which don’t involve personal stylists, trainers and designer clothes. I say thank God!

    • Maya

      I Actually met them…. My Dads a good friend of Tom:)
      So we often meet:) Bella & Connor are really cool people!
      Don’t judge them!!

    • skeletor

      what a ridiculous thing to say carla – bella does not represent anyone but herself. That said, i do agree that her outward appearance screams awkward, unsure and a bit sad. Being 17 isn’t a walk in the park for any of us. I can’t imagine going through adolescence with large breasts, spots, paparazzi, an internationally lauded beauty for an adoptive mother, another internationally lauded beauty for an adoptive step-mother, a father that generates the stinging press TC does, a multi-multi-million dollar fortune and a huge security team trailing my every move.

      I also agree that bella is very pretty in a serious, quiet sort of way. she just doesn’t know it yet.

    • Carla

      Points well taken. I also agree that she needs to embellish on what she does have, regarding her looks and figure. Nicole has always been impeccable with her appearance in the public domain. However, I’ve noticed a downside in katie’s public appearances lately as well. I thought that Tom was more strict in his ladies’ appearances. Maybe he is becoming more liberal in his middle age.

    • Julie Bonner

      Closing comments on this post for now. Isabella is still considered a child and the comments about her are getting a little out of hand. Please be respectful.