Vicki and Simon Compete For The Title Of Worst Person Ever

Happy Friday! How did you all feel about last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County?I haven’t seen the full episode yet because I’ve been moving to a different state (excuses, I know) so I don’t have the full magnitude of last night’s shitshow, but I did catch this clip of Vicki and Simon fighting over who has messed up Simon’s marriage more.

Vicki says that a few months ago, Tamra confided some marital problems to her, and now Simon thinks Vicki knows too much. Tamra just wants everyone to get along, but both Simon and Vicki refuse. I think they all come off looking like assholes in this fight. Simon is putting entirely too much blame on Vicki for his disintegrating marriage, Tamra is acting drunk and needy, and Vicki reveals she doesn’t really care about Tamra (always a wonderful line: “I don’t give a rat’s ass about your marriage.”)

What did you think of this argument?

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    • wittytexaslady

      While I appreciate your right to speak your mind and express your opinions, your extreme hatred of a reality show personality is both puzzling and troubling. If watching RHOC affects you to this degree, why continue to watch? There have to be other avenues of entertainment that might suit you – may I suggest that you try Donald Trump’s newest venture – “RAW” – the stellar acting on this show might be more appealing to your tastes.
      Whether you like Vicki or not, there obviously has to be something about the show that draws you back, season after season…Vicki is making a deliberate effort to be a bit nicer to people this year – she has not always been the most compasionate of individuals – she has said that her actions and words in previous seasons have been an embarrassment to herself and to her family. You have to admit that she is much different from her previous self. She is attempting to rectify some of her past mistakes – the “He doesn’t fill my love tank anymore” statement is something that she now realizes was extremely hurtful to Donn and I commend her for the positive steps she has taken. As for Brianna and Michael, they are responsible young adults – while we may not always agree with our children’s choices, we have to let them be themselves – and Vicki is doing this, no matter how hard she may find it – remember Bri’s desire to join the military – Vicki certainly did NOT agree with that career choice, but she did finally agree that it was Bri’s choice and that she would support her, no matter what.
      To your comment about the spin class – this comment degrades both Vicki and yourself. I suppose that you would also believe that someone such as Heidi Montag is a role model for young women. Too much emphasis is placed on outer beauty, and a comment such as this is spiteful and shallow. But, with your last full paragraph where you express your desire to see another individual “beat the crap out of her”, I feel safe in saying that you are perhaps the epitome of “a disgrace of a human being”. I personnally cannot wait for your return and your next rant. While Vicki may be the “biggest B**CH on TV”, you may have taken the title for the “biggest B**CH” on a fan message board (the key word is FAN)…

    • Rebecca

      @wittytexaslady – Your comments were definitely not witty. (ganging up on LynnNChicago).

    • Anna

      I don’t hate Vicki that much. She has a strong personality, probably a lot like me, or many of my friends. (It’s the Type A personality people!) Her strong personality has gotten her into trouble in the past when she opens her mouth.

      Yes, the “love tank” thing wasn’t nice, but it was honest.

      I think you are seeing a change in Vicki this season because she doesn’t have as much in common with the other housewives anymore. A stay-at-home mother’s life is VERY different from Vicki who is probably spending 10 hours a day in her office.

    • Nancy

      Hey wittytexas, we’re supposed to dish about these ladies. That’s the whole point of the show. Why would you go all postal on Chicago for pointing out the truth about Vicki, who may be “acting” different this season but is still the same shallow narcissist. (Botox party for young employees? Really, Vicki? On your next Employee Appreciation Day, why not take them all out for mammograms!

    • wittytexaslady

      Ok, so let me get the rules correct – my speaking my mind about the venom spewed by “Chicago” is out of line and is apparently considered as “ganging up on…” and “going postal”; while LynnNChicago wishes that she could watch someone “beat the crap” out of a REALITY show personality, and that is appropriate…but, doesn’t “ganging” up on someone require a GANG (generally more than one person)? I’m not really sure that I understand why someone would continue to watch the show if she has such a STRONG ADVERSE reaction to one of the characters – why not just change the channel? Bridezilla has some really reprehensible characters that might be more to her liking…

    • kari

      Lynnenchicago I agree w u 100% Vicki just sucks at life

    • angie

      If Vicki thinks her book is one of the best books ever – maybe she should buy them all and give them to her 850 insurance agents! She makes me sick! I wish she was booted off the show – damn arrogant drama queen!

    • Maria Diaz

      I’m a career girl myself, so I admire Vicki’s work ethic, but her constant shilling for her insurance agency is so tacky. Everyone isn’t a potential lead, Vicks!

      K, I asked myself the same question: if these people are so broke, why are they all in Vegas hanging out at clubs? You can do Vegas cheaply, but you know these fools are going to want bottle service/VIP tables/spa treatments. I can only imagine that they must all have serious credit card debt..

    • Maria Diaz

      Hey wittytexaslady,

      Don’t attack other posters. Please keep your comments about the show.

    • Maria Diaz


      The rules are not to attack other posters. Keep your comments about the show and its characters. That’s all.