Liam Gallagher Renames Oasis?

Liam Gallagher has a brand new name for Oasis, now that his brother Noel is no longer part of the group. What is it, you may wonder? He’s not telling….not yet anyways.

Noel walked out of the band during their European tour in 2009, following several fights with his brother. Now, Liam is taking the remaining members of the band and is making a new group out of it.

He says, “No, it’s not Oasis. That was a s**t name anyway. I’m glad to see the back of it. There’s a name that we’re digging at the moment, but we’re going to get on with the music and see how it goes.”

He refuses to reveal the new name, but says that we won’t have long to wait before hearing from them. He adds, “We’ll be on stage this year – without a doubt. We’re halfway through the record – the demos, that is. We’re in the studio this April to see if this producer works out. If he does, we’ll crack on with the album through June and July.”

Are you excited for their return? Or could you care less?

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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